The top 4 ways to ensure your property is cared for

Many Kissimmee property owners frequently ask us how they can best care for their property. Today, we’d like to share the top 4 ways we recommend for caring for your rental investment.

1. Conduct regular inspections – One of the most important things you can do for your property is to make sure that both the interior and exterior of the property look good. Stopping by every month will give you the chance to check on tenants and see the state of the property. At All County® Metro, we stop by regularly to make sure your property and tenants are following the requirements of the lease.

2. Include lawn service in your rent – Long grass and brush can lead to rodents and other issues for your property. While you might be hesitant to add lawn services, doing so will lead to a nice looking rental that has less issues. This will also lead to happier, longer-staying tenants.

3. Don’t let repairs go unattended – When a pipe starts to leak or a fence starts to fall down, letting issues like these go will lead to further damage and more money. Don’t wait for repairs! At All County® Metro our Kissimmee property owners can rest assured that tenants can report repair needs immediately through our web-portal, which allows us to deal with repairs quickly.

4. Let All County® Metro in Kissimmee do the work for you! – Hiring a property management company with a good reputation and a great team will take the stress out of ensuring your property is getting the best return for you. Give us a call today for a free consultation.